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Choose and Cut your Christmas Tree

Come to visit our farm in Ramona!
Take a stroll through nature,
here you will find the Christmas Tree you love!
We have a wide choice of Monterey Pines & Leyland Cypresses.
All sizes from 3 to over 20 feet.
Every year we plant trees to have all sizes all the time
to make it possible to get exactly the tree that suits every one
for your home or business.

Once you select your tree,
we will come and cut it, shake it and net it for you,
we will also drill a hole in the trunk for your tree stand if you need so,
ready to be taken with you for the Best Christmas!
Very competitive price: starting at only $10* per foot,
10% Off for military families and for senior citizens,
all inclusive!
It's an opportunity not only to have a magical time
choosing your Christmas Tree
but also to spend some Joyful time with your Loved ones!


*Trees over 10 feet will cost $12 per foot.
*Trees that require the tractor will cost $15 per foot.

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