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Caring Tips

Transporting the tree

We net your tree for a safer transportation,
but to avoid damaging the tree while carrying it on your vehicle, we recomend to drive slowly.
When you tie it on your car, tie it securely and put the bottom of the tree aiming forward to protect the needles from being blown off.

Setting the tree

When you arrive home put your tree in the water as soon as possible,
don't bruise the end of the trunk or get it dirty,
keep your tree out of direct sunlight and away from heaters, fireplaces and heat vents.

We will drill a hole in the bottom of the tree if you have a tree stand that requires one.
Use a stand that fits your tree, not a small one that will cause your tree to fall over.
The stand also needs an adequate water holding capacity. Fresh trees use about 1qt (about 1L) of water per day per inch of trunk diameter.
The stand should hold enough water to last 24h.

Never run out of water! If the stand goes dry and is subsequently refilled, water uptake may stop or be severely limited, leading to premature drying.
If it does run out of water,
you can cut off a new slice of trunk to refreshen it.
Always use cold water and don't use chemicals or preservatives.
Clean, fresh water is the only requirement to maintain freshness!

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